Sunday, March 3, 2013

     Welcome to The Messy Apron! I am glad you found your way here!
      I will just jump right into it!   A year or so ago, I got a cupcake order to make Sesame Street cupcakes.
I like for people to just give me creative freedom, especially when a lot of people aren't really sure what they want.  So all they said was they wanted Sesame Street for their little boy.
     So off I went, scouring the internet for pictures of inspiration, looking what other people had done for Sesame Street cakes and cupcakes (This is always my unofficial first step :) )
     I really did not see anything that jumped out at me so I just started drawing!  This is my second step.  I always start with drawing.  And also it's just fun :)

So here was my finished drawing on what I envisioned.  I know, sometimes I go crazy with the ideas.  
      So this is how I started.  I baked my cupcakes, I always use either my own recipe or a Moist Deluxe French Vanilla Cake Mix.  I also baked mini cupcakes.  I started playing around with the fondant.  (I try to use as little as possible because I know not a lot of people like the way it tastes)

      Above are my Sesame Street pieces, the heads are donut holes, and everything else is just fondant.
To Assemble everything, you turn the mini cupcake upside down on top of the big cupcake.  Ice everything to make a nice dome shape.  Only The Count's body is covered in fondant, so go ahead and add that now.
 Stick the heads on a toothpick and stick them on top of the dome.  I finished each cupcake by using buttercream icing to create corrosponding textures.  

Here are the finished products!  They turned out better than I even hoped!  Needless to say, they were a hit!
Thanks for reading today!  I will post more tomorrow!